[Day Tour] Jeonju Children Take-Care Tour
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Seniors oriented

어뮤즈트래블의 아이돌봄 여행은 어린이 코스와 어른 코스로 분리되어 있는 신개념 가족여행입니다.

여행 일정표

Let's meet in front of Jeonju Sori Culture Center
Children will meet their today's tourist guide in front of Jeonju Sori Culture center, at 13:00.
Children will enjoy traditional activities such as making rice cake and traditional dyeing at Seunggwangjae where Lee Seok, the last Imperial grandchild of the Chosun Dynasty, lives.
Jeonju Chocopie Experience Center
Let's make some chocopies which is one of the most famous Jeonju souvenirs. This activity doesn't include any process that needs to use fire or sharp knives. Children are going to do this activity when they are hungry, so they will devour those pies XD
Hyanggyo-gil Pottery
Children are going to make pottery with a manual spinning wheel and decorate the pottery by painting or carving it. This activity might help them raise creativity because they can express what they want to create. After children make pottery by themselves, the craft workroom will bake and send those artworks to your house.
Farewell in front of Cafe Jeonmang
After the children take-care course ends, we will bring them in front of the cafe called Jeonmang. If you arrive earlier than the schedule, you can enjoy Jeonju Hanok village's view at the cafe's rooftop while waiting for your children.


Local 3 meals (partial)
Tickets all included.
Tour guide partially included, Driving tour guide partially included
Pick-up, Traveler insurance



매니저 김찬중
어린이 돌봄여행 코스는 창의력 향상과 자아 탐색에 도움이 될 수 있도록 구성하였으며 전문 돌봄이가 아이들을 인솔할 예정입니다. 또한 어르신 돌봄여행 코스는 활동강도가 높지 않아서 누구나 여행을 즐길 수 있도록 구성하였습니다. 자세한 상담을 원하시는 분들은 02-719-6811으로 문의바랍니다.

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